Funny Luggage Tags – Amuse Your Fellow Passengers at the Baggage Carousel!

After a couple of years of being locked up and not being able to travel around the world very much (or not at all), people are just itching to go travelling overseas without the fear of being stranded (hello, 2019!). Travel isn’t going to be the same ever again. It’s going to take a while for all sectors to recover, as government support for the travel industry varied depending on which country you are going to.

Funny Luggage Tags At The Baggage Carousel
So whenever you’re taking your first trip in what probably feels like ages, you may as well have a bit of fun by attaching a funny luggage tag to your backpack, suitcase, or whatever container you move your stuff around in.

The Double Meaning Funny Luggage Tag
This one made me laugh! Just say ‘for fox sake’ out loud and you’ll get the jist immediately!

The Alien Abduction

This would be ironically great if you and your luggage, along with this funny luggage tag, was abducted by aliens. You can see if aliens have a sense of humour!

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