Bushwalking in Australia Tips

Australia is definitely and outdoors country. Well, being a country/continent means there’s a lot of bush, or otherwise, what I call ‘impressive nothing’. One of the best things of being outside in the Australian outdoors is bushwalking – assuming that you’re not nailed by a nasty like a poisonous spider or snake. There are loads of national parks and natural reserves which are waiting to be traversed by your boots.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy making their way through the unique Aussie bush, exploring its hills and mountains, creeks and rivers, caves and trails. There’s nothing like leaving the big smoke of the city behind, and to pinch a line from a Midnight Oil Song, ‘Concrete you don’t free my soul’.

Bushwalking In Australia Tips Safety Locations | Australia Travel Blog | Bushwalking In Australia Tips | Bushwalking In Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia | Author: Anthony Bianco – The Travel Tart Blog
If you’re worried about some of the more isolated places to go bushwalking in Australia, don’t worry, it’s fairly unlikely you’ll end up like one of the deceased backpackers in the fictional movie, Wolf Creek, but just take the usual precautions and you’ll be just fine!

Anyway, I’ve come up with a list of places where you can go bushwalking throughout the country, and even some bushwalking safety tips! Note, some of these places are isolated so a big part of the journey is getting there! Hope you don’t have a crapola car that breaks down on the way!

Anyway, here we go!

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