Australian Rainforest Tours – The Skyrail Cableway From Cairns To Kuranda Photo Essay!

While there isn’t that much of it compared to the Amazon basin, the Australian Rainforest is the oldest living rainforest on the planet at around 100 million years, give or take a few million here and there.

When Far North Queensland was settled, much of the lowland rainforest was cleared to make way for sugar cane farms and plantations. Eventually, what was left was declared as the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and it’s the only place on the globe where one World Heritage Area lies adjacent to another – the Great Barrier Reef, at the Daintree section.

Barron Gorge
Before all of the coronavirus mayhem, plenty of domestic and international visitors would visit the Wet Tropics to see what it was all about with a number of Australian rainforest tours, or just by checking things out on their own. After growing up in Cairns, I took the rainforest and reef for granted and used to think ‘big deal’, but that changed when I moved away and started to appreciate where I grew up.

Even when during the monsoon season, when it’s so humid, you sweat in the shower! Note: this season from around November to April is called ‘Mango Madness’, or ‘Troppo Season’ because the heat drives you insane.

Anyway, if you’re a bit smart, you’ll visit in the ‘dry season’ in the middle of the year. While it’s not ‘pissing down from a great height’ which is great for waterfalls, you’ll be thankful you’re not being vapourised on a daily basis!

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