Funny Nail Art Business Name!

Yay, another business that doesn’t take itself too seriously! It’s a business I spotted called ‘Trophy Wife’! This one specialises in Nail Art and Manicures and obviously the owner and staff like having a bit of a laugh at themselves and this particular slang term which can often be viewed as a tad derogatory.

This business name definitely gained my attention!

For those you are still learning a bit of Australian Slang or British Slang, a Trophy Wife is defined as a young, attractive woman who is often viewed as a status symbol for an older man.

Not exactly flattering, but slang terms usually arise for a reason!

I spotted this funny business name sign in the suburb of Richmond, in Melbourne, Australia when I was on a tram on the way back to the CBD and it had pulled up to a stop literally next to the sign.

If you go straight to the Trophy Wife website, I had a bit of a laugh when it said ‘Why the name Trophy Wife? In this instance it is a tongue-in-cheek take on an out-dated social term we are politely taking aim at.’

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