The Best Home Made Hydrating Face Mask!

Here’s one for the people interested in beauty – like the best fashion blogger in the world. It’s a great example of how Engrish can make something that should be innocent seem completely bizarre or sometimes offensive. I’ve got loads of this stuff located in the Engrish files for you to waste a bit more time on the internet!

Engrish is where a phrase that is translated from another language into English doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to the English meaning. Sometimes it’s illegible, illogical, or just plain nonsense. Sometimes, there could be swear words involved!

To be fair, most English speakers would have a hard time translating something into another language. And this example I’m showing today is the best home made hydrating face mask in the world! Not!

Anyway, my sister sent me this funny travel photo from Vietnam when she was out and about shopping. Like the no corpses allowed at Tokyo station, it was the small print on the back of the hydrating face mask pack that grabbed her attention – and mine when she sent it to me!

Check out the two circled sections to see what I mean – and together, they create a completely different context!

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